Tradition at the table

Agripaules Restaurant

The rule here is to
give customers a warm welcome

The large indoor hall and the well-equipped outdoor areas will be the backdrop for a unique and authentic culinary experience.

Agripaules is open all year round for lunch and dinner for guests of the Holiday Farm. You will need to make reservations (except in August) since some of the items on our menu take hours to prepare such as the roasted piglet (porcheddu arrosto).

You can make your reservation by contacting us (even the same day).

Masters of cheese making

Billia and Angelo put their knowledge from years of experience into carefully transforming the milk of the goats, sheep and cows raised at Agripaules into cheese. Ageing processes vary and will satisfy any palate.

Formaggi dorgalese
Preparazione formaggi sardegna
Ristorante dorgali formaggi

Honey and cheese

The bees in their hives here produce both sweet and bitter honey. A drop or two on our cheeses makes for a perfect combination.

Miele Dorgalese preparazione
Preparazione Miele dorgalese
Miele dorgalese ristorante Dorgali

Connections and Contrasts

The combinations of sweet and bitter found in Dorgali cooking will astonish you and offer you an authentic experience of our cuisine! Our menu varies according to the season and we use everything we produce on our farm – from starters and homemade pasta to meat-based second courses, cheeses and desserts.

Antipasti Agripaules
Antipasti ristorante dorgali Agripaules
Casadinas ristorante dorgali Agripaules

The Kings of the table

Ravioli alla Dorgalese, stewed meats and porcheddu arrosto are only some of the specialties of typical Dorgali cuisine that you can savour at Agripaules.

Ravioli sugo di carne
Carne in umido ristorante dorgali Agripaules
Porcheddu ristorante dorgali Agripaules

Why choose Agripaules?

  • Indoor halls and outdoor areas in the shade

  • 100% homemade goods

  • Traditional Dorgali cuisine

  • Seasonal menus

  • Vegetarian menus

  • Gluten free menus (by reservation only)

Company informations
Ragione sociale - Agripaules
Indirizzo - Loc. Sos Paules 08022 Dorgali (NU)
P.Iva - 029340984390843

Tel: 349.3616551
Fax: 0784.95275
Cell: 333.6167442
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