to Dorgali and Cala Gonone

We organize naturalistic and archaeological excursions that will meet the demands of any tourist. Supramonte is home to natural beauty that is extraordinarily unique.

The Gulf of Orosei coastline is filled with inlets and beaches that display panoramas which are simply beyond words. You can reach them by foot or by boat, accompanied by our expert excursion guides.

Excursions on foot, horseback riding
and donkey rides

Walks and
Donkey rides - Trekking

For thousands of years, the donkey has been one of man’s greatest allies. Not only for all the work these animals do but for the lovely rides they can take you on in the hinterlands of Sardinia’s Barbagia region.
In the case of the trekking adventure, we offer our guests a donkey. It can really make all the difference: Your ride is slow and deliberate, in tune with the rhythm of time and nature.

Here is the way to admire every corner of the area surrounding us and savour every detail. Donkeys are so calm and composed; they easily become friends with anybody – adults and children alike. We organize short walks of a couple of hours as well as excursions and trekking that last several days immersed in the Sardinian countryside and the magical Supramonte.

Our basic stops for sleeping and refreshments are the “cuiles”, the huts used by goatherds. Donkeys will accompany us on this adventure, helping us to transport our luggage and supplies. The spring and autumn are the best times of the year to take this trip because the climate is ideal and the colours that nature offer us make the landscape truly one-of-a-kind.

Our equestrian tourism guides Billia and Gianfranco will accompany you. They are however first and foremost shepherds who love animals and are, above all, devoted to the land of Sardinia. They are experts of the region and Supramonte who will skilfully take you trekking on donkey back to areas that are peaceful and charming. The Barbagia region and Supramonte are rare and unique places where the rocks harmonize with the sea and where Silence will embrace you in a relaxing environment. Just you and nature. You will also sample typical genuine organic products prepared directly at the Agripaules farm: cow and sheep cheese, cold cuts, fresh garden vegetables, Carasau and “moddizzosu” breads as well as homemade desserts.

Trekking someggiato Sardegna

Someggiato BLU

Selvaggio Blu (The wild blue yonder) is a famous Sardinian hiking itinerary.
It’s a breathtaking experience that takes place in Supramonte - between Dorgali and Baunei where hikers are immersed in peaceful and charming corners of the island, walking the ancient mule trails and being completely removed from everyday life.

We have a very nice alternative for you… Someggiato Blu! (Being transported by pack animal – Blue style) “Someggiato” because there are donkeys – amazing travel companions - taking you around and “Blue” because we cover part of the Selvaggio Blu itinerary such as: Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, the Golgo Plateau and Cala Goloritzè. We leave from Dorgali nice and easy (the donkeys do their part in transporting our belongings) for a three-day tour although the duration can be changed based on your personal demands.

Some information
about the Area

Dorgali stands on the slopes of Monte Bardia and is one of the largest municipalities in Sardinia (225 square kilometres) located along the coast of the Gulf of Orosei and extends to the Barbagia, Ogliastra e Baronia regions. Geographically speaking, it is the perfect combination of everything the sea and the mountains can offer: green valleys, hills, forests and rugged woodlands on one end and enchanted beaches, crystal clear waters and pristine inlets on the other: an environmental heritage that is our pride and joy.

The Supramonte Mountains

The region offers a wide variety important of geological and botanical elements along with many wild animals that all kinds of nature lovers will appreciate. Supramonte is an extraordinary resource for hikers and mountain climbing aficionados.

There is an abundance of evidence and ruins that are still miraculously intact that bear witness to a remote past: Tiscali archeological site and the Serra Orrios Nuragic village, numerous Tombs of the Giants and Domus de janas are scattered throughout the area that tell of our history

Dorgali has been an agricultural and pastoral settlement for centuries and has also evolved into an important centre of handcrafted works: the artistry and mastery of Dorgali natives is expressed in the sectors of goldsmithing and filigreeing, pottery, carpet weaving, leatherworks, woodcarving and knife-making.

These sectors are all prevalent and have found their way into the tourism industry, whose main attraction is the seaside resort at Cala Gonone.

Escursioni dorgali

Cala Gonone
A hamlet on the sea

On the other side of Monte Bardia, as soon as you get out of the tunnel, you can admire the enchanting landscape that sets the scene for the town of Cala Gonone.

Boats and dinghies heading south depart daily from its tiny port: you can reach the grotte del Bue Marino and the many beaches along the coast that are outlined by huge cliff overlooking the Mediterranean sea: Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Biriola, Cala Mariolu, Cala dei Gabbiani, Cala Goloritzè.

You can easily reach the beaches north of the Gulf of Orosei from our holiday farm. Long stretches of fine white sand at Cartoe and Osalla are waiting for you to arrive and fully experience the Eastern Sardinian seaboard.

Escursioni cala gonone

Cliffs that plummet into the sea, the wild hinterlands, paths in the woods, the caves, canyons, the sea and the lake are all places where sports aficionados can practice their favourite disciplines while taking in the magnificent landscapes surrounding them. The staff at Agripaules is at your total disposal for any information you might need in order to best organise your holiday

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